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    Prior to accessing or using our site or making a purchase of or using any of our products, you must carefully read, understand, and agree to the below disclaimers & important information. If you do not agree to or understand any of these, then you may not access this website or user any of our products or services.

    Pure is a self care company and we recommend our products for those interested in pursuing a sense of energy and rest simplified. However, everyone is different and you may have a different reaction to the ingredients of our products and adverse reactions can occur. You are utilizing these products at your own risk. You should not use our diffuser or any of our products if you are concerned about a potential adverse reaction, have any medical conditions, or if have been advised not to use them by your healthcare provider.

    The information available on this website and Pure (House of Fun Sales, LLC)'s various social media platforms, as well as the products and statements mentioned here, have not undergone evaluation or approval by the FDA. Pure is not a medical product and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases or conditions or have any impact on the structure or function of the human body. If you have any health concerns or conditions, we advise consulting with your physician or alternative health care provider. It's crucial to consult a medical doctor before using any new product, including Pure's products, and to be mindful that certain products on this website may interact with medications or medical conditions you may have. These products should not be used as a substitute for the advice of your physician. Please consult with your physician regarding any health-related issues. Pure cannot be held liable for any misuse of our products or for relying on the information presented on our websites. Results may vary for each individual, and it is recommended to purchase Pure products exclusively from or to ensure the highest quality products.

    It's important to note that while each of the main/key ingredients used in Pure products has individual traits and effects when used alone, the final product containing all the ingredients has not been tested. Therefore, no specific claims can be made for the combination of ingredients in any individual Pure product. References to the effects of the ingredients are provided solely for background information on the subject of plant-based effects and benefits, and no specific health claims should be inferred regarding any Pure product.

    Our discussion regarding the scientific basis behind aromatherapy is provided for informational purposes only. While some theories are interesting, they have not been factually proven, and should be interpreted as such.

    It's also important to note that we cannot guarantee the exact amounts of specific ingredients in Pure products or the relative quantities of each ingredient compared to others.

    Our products are not recommended for individuals under the age of 18

    Allergic Reactions:

    We recommend reviewing the list of ingredients (available both on our website and product labeling/packaging) to ensure that you are not sensitive or allergic to any of them, even though allergic reactions are rare. If you are aware of any allergies, intolerances, or suspect that you might have a sensitivity to any of the ingredients, we advise you not to use Pure products. In case you encounter any adverse reactions, including allergic reactions, we strongly recommend seeking immediate medical attention and discontinuing use of our products. If you believe that you have experienced any type of adverse reaction to our products, please contact us as soon as possible through the various contact methods provided on our Contact Page.

    Pure Diffuser Warnings (Melatonin, Calm, Caffeine, & Vitamin B-12 Diffuser Warnings):

    This product is for ADULT USE ONLY. NOT FOR INGESTION / INHALATION. Do not operate heavy machinery or drive during or immediately after use. Keep out of reach of children and pets. This product contains zero nicotine and zero tobacco but is not recommended for individuals under the age of 18. Do not use this product if you have a medical condition, are taking medication, have a breathing, lung, or heart problem, are allergic to any ingredient, are pregnant or nursing, or if the product appears tampered with, opened, or damaged. Stop use immediately if the product overheats or if you experience an allergic reaction, difficulty breathing, or irritation. This product contains caffeine, so avoid excessive consumption, and use only as directed for occasional use. It is not for sale to minors. Please consult your doctor before using any new product, including this one. This is a closed system, so do not modify or use with any additives, as it can be a choking hazard. Keep the product cool, dry, and out of direct sunlight. 

    It's important to note that the Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or affect any bodily structure or function. The product is made in China and manufactured for House of Fun Sales, LLC.

    Individuals who have preexisting respiratory conditions, including but not limited to asthma or COPD, should refrain from using Pure Diffusers. Direct contact with the skin and eyes should be avoided, and ingestion is prohibited. This product should be kept out of reach of both children and pets.

    Please dispose of your Pure products safely and thoughtfully in accordance with local laws, either 6 months after purchase or after the expiration date. Pure products are not to be inhaled into the lungs. We advise using moderation and good judgement when using any new product. We do not recommend excessive use and suggest a maximum of 10 uses per day. It is unnecessary to inhale the product.

    Pure suggests that individuals who have health concerns or are taking prescription medications should consult with their medical practitioners and refer to appropriate medical research literature to identify any possible pharmacological interactions and contraindications before using any products, including those sold by Pure.

    Disclosure of Potential Material Connections

    The information displayed on our website, social media platforms, texts, emails, and other third-party websites may include various content such as recommendations, endorsements, testimonials, text, images, videos, etc. These materials can be posted by different sources such as promoters, reviewers, affiliates, publications, influencers, actors, models, customers, and content creators, among others, with whom we may have a "material connection" as defined by the FTC. A "material connection" according to the FTC includes personal, family, or employment relationships, as well as financial relationships, which may involve incentives like free products or gifts, monetary payments, discount codes or gift cards, discounted products or services, etc.

    If you are posting any content and may have a material connection with us, please ensure to disclose it clearly and conspicuously (for instance, by writing #SPONSORED), be truthful and honest, and follow all applicable laws. When viewing content, please assume that we have a material connection with the creator/poster of that content, even if the creator/poster may have forgotten to make the disclosure. This assumption may help you make more informed purchasing decisions.

    Liability and Damages

    Devices that produce vapors similar to Pure's products have been known to overheat and/or explode, causing harm. These devices are also hazardous if swallowed, inserted into any body cavity, and should be kept away from children. The shipping/storage tube cap is small and can pose a choking hazard. House of Fun Sales, LLC is not responsible for any injuries or damages that may result from such events, including inhalation of Pure diffuser mist/vapors.

    House of Fun Sales LLC's liability is limited to the amount you paid for Pure products and does not cover indirect loss, loss of profit, injury, or other damages.

    You acknowledge that House of Fun Sales, LLC has an interest in limiting the personal liability of its officers and employees. Therefore, you agree not to hold House of Fun Sales, LLC's officers, employees, agents, or independent contractors personally liable for any losses related to the website or its products. Additionally, the limitations of warranties and liability outlined in this website disclaimer apply to House of Fun Sales, LLC's officers, employees, agents, subsidiaries, successors, assigns, and sub-contractors.

    For complete terms, please refer to (which includes an arbitration clause).

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: It is essential to thoroughly read and consent to our Terms of Service, which include the arbitration clause, Disclaimer, Age Policy, Return/Refund Policy, and Privacy Policy, before making a purchase or using our products or website. By making a purchase or using our products or website, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted all of the policies and related items linked to our Terms of Service.  

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